ABOUTmission & goals

Using Permaculture, Rights of Nature  and other holistic methods & education as major tools for teaching people how to live respectfully in tune with Nature thus preventing ecocides which often occur through ignorance and/or poverty 

PROJEKTI / PROJECTS currently being developed 

Pesticidi / Pesticides – Multifaceted project developed in partnership with Earth Law Center and Balkan Coalition for the Prevention of Ecocide from Pesticide with the help of Pesticide Action Network Europe

Podizanje svesti i obrazovanje o Pravima Prirode / Rights of Nature awareness raising and education currently being developed with the Earth Law Center

Prava Prirode za reke kao deo Erasmus projekta / Rights of Nature for rivers as part of the Erasmus program run by French Rights of Nature organisation and delivered by Earth Thrive at the Balkan River Defenders environmental education for young people event in 2020 / 2021