If you backed up all your data onto your Google account, you should be able to get everything transferred over really easily. Your data should automatically update onto the Samsung Cloud, but if not, you can simply select what information you want it to save. It will also tell you how much cloud storage you have used up. Just go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Accounts’. Then, select your Samsung account and sync your data.

  • Select the Outlook data file you want to convert.
  • Once the “Migrate” action is over, the error/successful/not started status would be shown by the Fiori App.
  • This is all only true for videos you’ve taken.

Additionally, you can restore a mobile backup to another phone or use the Universal Restore option in Acronis True Image to move phone data to a PC or laptop. In fact, after installing Acronis True Image and registering an account, you can start backing up your important data from a phone or PC in seconds. Until a few years ago, talk of malware, ransomware and viruses was relatively uncommon in discussions about smartphones and tablets. These days, though, Android infections at are at all-time highs and only getting worse every day. Many malware apps and viruses that can find their way onto your Android phone may delete important data, and ransomware may even block access to the phone altogether. With a proper backup of your Android phone, you can restore files and contacts after removing an infection on your current phone or when moving data to a new one.

The New Samsung Galaxy S22 Series: Tips And Tricks

Transfer your WhatsApp messages and files from Android to iPhone now with AnyTrans, and better enjoy your iPhone in an easier way. Once you’ve gotten everything you need from your old phone, it’s time to wipe it so you can safely sell or recycle it. How this works will vary from one kind of Android phone to another, but generally speaking, copy my data apk you should start by plugging in your phone and opening the Settings menu. But for paid-for apps, such as games you might have bought on the Play Store, you’ll need to re-buy the app in the App Store if you want to enjoy it on iOS or iPadOS. Almost all the big-name Android apps are available on iOS and iPadOS too.

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Errors when transferring system settings is another commonly reported issue. Some users even had trouble transferring data after upgrading to Android 8.0 Oreo. The CLONEit app handles nearly all data types found on the Android platform, including messages, contacts, call logs, app data, calendars, media and even saved passwords.

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To help you with this, detailed below is how to backup WhatsApp data and how to transfer WhatsApp data. Hit up the App Store first—you’ll want the latest versions of all of your apps. You’ll find an updates section beneath all your account info, and you can get the updates here. It’s a lot quicker than tapping the home button a few dozen times to register a fingerprint. Use manufacturer provided USB cable to connect the iPhone to the Windows computer.

Trying to set up a new iPhone can be time consuming in a variety of ways, and with some third-party apps, there’s not a way to transfer your data easily. That used to be the case for popular privacy-focused messaging app Signal, until now. Read along for how to transfer Signal messages to a new iPhone. Now that we know where these are, the next step is to transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you’ve got Stardew Valley installed on your device, and the latest version of iTunes on your computer, then connect your iOS device and open iTunes. These folders contain similar save data as the PC/Mac folders from the first step.