Using Permaculture, Rights of Nature  and other holistic methods & education as major tools for teaching people how to live respectfully in tune with Nature thus preventing ecocides which often occur through ignorance and/or poverty 

PROJECTS currently being developed: 

Forest Biomass & Forest Rights – working with FERN, the international organisation based in the heart of the EU, dedicated to protecting forests and the rights of people who depend on them and BiofuelWatch we are developing a campaign to educate people in Serbia, and wider in the Balkans on the huge dangers of the forest biomass through informative material and a series of webinars, to start in Autumn 2022

Mining: Rights of Nature and mining/extractive industries practical Toolkit
In collaboration with King’s College London Legal Clinic and their Director public lawyer Sue Willman, London Mining Network Trustee, we are  developing an activists’ Toolkit to help struggling communities take practical legal international European action, all through the prism and ethics of Rights of Nature

PesticidesMultifaceted ‘Train the Trainer’ project in partnership with Earth Law Center and Balkan Coalition for the Prevention of Ecocide from Pesticide with the help of Pesticide Action Network – PAN Europe & North America

Rights of Nature awareness raising and education currently being developed with the Earth Law Center