Prevention of ecocides primarily using law both current – hard law but also increasingly introducing and ultimately establishing emerging Earth law that recognises Nature Rights in law as well as through environmental / permaculture education for living in tune and respect of Nature


Dams / ‘Small’ Hydro Power Plants in Serbia & the Balkans

We are pleased to announce that, as a part of the GARN Europe, Earth Thrive is one of the organisers and presenters at the civil society-led European Rights of Nature Tribunal: In Defense of Aquatic Ecosystems which will culminate with the reading of the judgements at an event to be held on the sidelines of the IUCN World Congress in Marseille, France, in September 2021, to highlight and confront the severe challenges of ecocide and violations of the Rights of Nature over water ecosystems occurring across Europe
Earth Thrive is one of the co-organisers of the Tribunal and will be presenting the case of dam ecocide over rivers in the Balkans, showcased through the example of the Serbian mountain Kopaonik – Josanica region rivers, with emphasis on the suffering and death of the aquatic fauna, fish in particular
We intend to use the Tribunal Judge’s judgement for concrete legal action, ask for restorative justice and eventual remediation of the rivers
More details to follow…


Pesticides and Rights of Nature project is a comprehensive project aiming to show how pesticides and the consequences of their use are denying Nature her right to exist, live, thrive and evolve naturally without harm.

It consists of several independent but connected components, which together make for a holistic approach to this huge and worldwide spread problem

The issues covered:
Glyphosate, Neonicotinoids, Pesticide toxicity on wildlife, water, soil and insects, Insects right not to be poisoned by pesticides.

A ‘Train the Trainer’ course will also be organised to train the community leaders how to approach this vast toxic problem from the deeper level of rights of Nature to life.

The project is gaining worldwide interest and is supported by Vandana Shiva, the world famous environmentalist and anti-pesticide campaigner

The project is developed in cooperation with a group of rights of Nature lawyers in India, pesticide experts from the Pesticide Action Network – PAN Europe & North America with support from the Earth Law Center.


Working with the London Mining Network and local people on the prevention of mining ecocide by  Rio Tinto’s Lithium project ‘Jadarit’ in Serbia.

Also working with the Yes to Life, No to Mining coalition & Earth Law Center on introduction, incorporation and adoption of the Rights of Nature in the narrative of communities’ struggles against ecocides caused by the extractive industries, concentrating on the Balkans and London Mining Network as a membership platform

Animal rights

Informing, raising awareness and helping with adoption and rescuing of stray animals in the region of former Yugoslavia via FB page Prava za zivotinje Balkana / Animal rights Balkan – 

Future plans include legal actions and introduction and establishment of Animal Rights on the basis of the Rights of Nature through various campaigns